Group Members

Vistage CE Group 3745 Membership: CEOs and owners of companies with annual sales of $25M to $250M. Members in this group recognize that “what got them here, won’t get them there”, and are focusing on how to grow their organizations to play at the next level.

Sam Claassen, CEO, SEH, Inc. (Engineering and Architecture)

Jay Coughlan, CEO, XRS Corporation (Technology)

David Gagne, CEO, Winland Electronics, Inc.  (Technology)

Jaime Gmach, President & Owner, Evolving Solutions (Database Services)

Bob Hartzell, CEO & Owner, Chuck & Don’s Petfood Outlet (Retail)

Michael Lacey, CEO & Owner, Digineer (IT Services)

Steve Ludvigson, CEO & Owner, Cerasis (3rd Party Logistics Software)

Mike Martin, CEO, Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration (Engineering)

Julie McKinley, CEO, Fiduciary Counseling (Financial Services)

Cory Ploen, CEO & Owner, QualiTech (Manufacturing)

John Prosser, CEO & Owner, Automotive Concepts (Automotive Services)

Geoff Roise, COO & Owner, Lindsay Windows (Manufacturing)

Kurt Schneiber, CEO, Syncada (Financial Software)

Mike Steidle, VP of Sales & Owner, Ivy Stone (Retail Distribution)

Melanie Sullivan, CEO, St. Croix Orthopedics (Healthcare)

Bill Kirkpatrick, CEO/Owner, Cameron’s Coffee (Manufacturing)

Greg Kurr, CEO, Kemps (Manufacturing)

Mike Litwin, CEO, Target Commercial Interiors (Business furniture and furnishings)

John Bruellman, CEO, Showdown Displays (Distribution)

Vistage Key Group 9154: Key executives (COOs and functional heads) who report to CEOs. Key objectives for members in this group are to accelerate their development, help them become more strategic, and broaden their perspective.

Bill Anderson, SVP – Sales, Mercury Financial Group (Financial Services)

Lucinda DuToit, HR Director, Digineer (IT Services)

Kristin Heil, Controller, Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration (Engineering)

Mike Hodgens, COO, QualiTech (Manufacturing)

Ginny Jordan, Quality Manager, MICO (Manufacturing)

Mary Jo Jordan, Operations, Syncada (Financial Software)

Chris Savage, GM – Industrial, Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration (Engineering)

Steve Vreeman, COO, Rhino Markers (Manufacturing)

Joel Wyttenhove, COO, Evolving Solutions (Database Services)

Kay LaBare, CIO, Syncada (Financial Software)

Jim Glomstad, COO, Sportech (Manufacturing)

Vistage Key Group 9160: Entrepreneurial companies generating annual sales of less than $10M, who are looking to accelerate their growth, increase their profitability, and improve their work/life balance.

Gene Earhart, CEO & Partner, Wellington Security Services (Security)

Deb Erickson, CEO & Creative Director, the line up (Manufacturing))

Matt Mallas, COO, Hedberg Associates (Landscape Retail)

Rudy Roesken, GM – Food Ingredients, QualiTech (Manufacturing)

Greg Rogers, Global Supply Chain Manager, MICO (Manufacturing)

Susan Stiles, CEO, Stiles Financial Services (Wealth Management)

Chris Thome, Sales,  Rhino Markers (Manufacturing)

Jaime Nolan, CEO andowner, IntrinXec Management, Association Management

Wendy Benning, CEO & Owner, Verum Staffing (Scientific Staffing)

Klaus Lemke, Managing Principal, Lean Project Consulting (Construction)

David Welna, Director of Traffic / Pricing TDS (3PL)

Sara Dziedzic, Director of Business Development, Risdall Marketing (Marketing Services)


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