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Getting the right people in the right seats

“Identifying and Developing Your Future Leaders”  by Brian Davis in CEO Middle East, 2008

As a CEO, what keeps you up at night? For many, the most disturbing issue is finding tomorrow’s leaders. Smart companies are being proactive in this area and turning to HR to identify tomorrow’s leaders today.

“Mapping Talent Among Younger Workers” by Brian Davis in Talent Management Magazine,  2008

Identifying and developing high-potential leaders inside the organization is critical to business growth, and the demand for business growth is as strong as it has ever been. Organizations that can map the leadership talents specific to their business success against those exhibited by current high-potential employees can create a detailed road map for continuing success.

“The Talent Crisis” by Brian Davis in CEO Magazine,  2008

As the talent wars show no signs of slowing down, a new approach to talent management may be required, suggests Brian Davis of Personnel Decisions International.

“The Talent Game” by Brian Davis in CEO Magazine,  2008

Far too many companies are failing to manage their talent because their human resources are not sophisticated enough for the modern marketplace. Brian Davis, executive vice president of Personnel Decisions International, tells Steve Coomber how to win at the talent game.

“Identifying High Potential Leaders for Addressing the Talent Crisis” in Chinese by Brian Davis in Fortune China Magazine,  2008.

The battle is set to intensify over the next decade and, as Brian Davis, executive vice president of Personnel Decisions International (PDI), a leading human resources consulting firm, points out: ‘Talent is not just a valuable asset; it is rapidly becoming the key factor in sustaining an organization’s competitive advantage.’

“The War for Talent”  by Brian Davis in Connection–Slovakia, 2007.

Once an organization has a clear picture of what its strategic advantages are –how it differentiates itself from its competitors – it can organize itself to maximize that. This requires a talent strategy to get superior talent into those pivotal talent pools that align with the organization’s identified strategic advantages. Companies can create targeted development plans for those identified as high-potential leaders to accelerate the realization of their potential.