I founded Leadership Catalysts to bring leadership and talent management best practices from Global 1000 Companies to small and midsize companies. My clients see me as an extension of their leadership teams and committed to their long term success, helping them grow their businesses, strengthen their leadership teams, and rekindle the commitment and engagement of their people.


I am a business leader, an executive coach and a talent management leader with a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, and over 25 years of experience at PDI Ninth House, a premier global leadership and talent management consulting firm. With a proven record of innovation & results, I partner with leaders to grow their businesses & outperform expectations. What sets me apart from other executive coaches is that I have “sat in your chair”, having led sales, marketing, and product development teams. I also have successfully run several global businesses in various stages (start up, rapid growth, turnaround, outsourcing, divestiture).

I have one of the largest and highest rated Vistage Chair Practices in the country, with over 50 members in 3 Executive Peer Groups representing annual revenues of over $1B. My Vistage Practice ranks in the top 5% nationally, and is one of the fastest growing in the country because of member referrals and positive word of mouth.

My 3 groups are segmented by size and executive level:

• One group targeted for CEOs and owners of companies with annual sales of $25M to $250M. Members in this group recognize that “what got them here, won’t get them there”, and are focusing on how to grow their organizations to play at the next level.

• A second group for key executives (COOs and functional heads) who report to CEOs. Key objectives for members in this group are to accelerate their development, help them become more strategic, and broaden their perspective.

• A third group for entrepreneurial companies generating annual sales of less than $10M, who are looking to accelerate their growth, increase their profitability, and improve their work/life balance.


My core expertise is leadership assessment and development, and I have helped companies all over the world get “the right people in the right seats”. I have led talent management initiatives (succession management, performance management, assessment, and leadership development) in several Global 500 companies in retail, energy, manufacturing, health care & technology. Having worked with several of the most admired companies in the world, I have learned a great deal about unleashing the potential of organizations and their leaders. As a speaker, I have been invited to present to talent management professionals throughout the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. I have published articles on talent management in Fortune China, CEO Middle East, and CEO magazine.

Over the last few years I have sharpened my focus to “increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives”. I do that through CEO coaching, chairing 3 Vistage executive peer advisory boards, and serving as a board member at a large engineering and architecture firm (Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc).