As a Leadership Catalyst, I help unleash the potential of leaders and organizations. I “catalyze” organizational success by getting the right leaders doing the right things, and by helping leaders build strong teams and engage the hearts and minds of their people. Over the last few years I have sharpened my focus to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives. I do that through CEO coaching, chairing 3 Vistage executive peer advisory boards, and serving as a board member at a large engineering and architecture firm (Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc).

Vistage is a primary avenue I use to engage leaders and help to effect positive change in their organizations. Vistage is a network of professionally facilitated peer advisory groups that help CEOs, business owners and senior executives become better leaders, make better decisions and ultimately achieve better results.

The reason I became a Vistage Chair is to fulfill my core life purpose, which is to do what matters, with people who care. Building, sustaining, and belonging to a community of leaders who are committed to one another’s business and personal success is incredibly fulfilling — not only for my members, but for me, the chair.

I will be posting observations and tips about how to unleash the potential of leaders and organizations on my blog. More specifically, I will be focusing on how to help leaders grow their businesses, grow their people, and grow themselves. Observations will be taken from my 25+ years of consulting and leadership experience as well as from examples of CEO challenges resolved in my Vistage Peer Advisory Board meetings. I will also highlight authors and publications who are discussing practical and groundbreaking new business concepts.

I welcome your comments and appreciate your stopping by!

Brian L. Davis, Ph.D.